Because you can apply strategy to everything

Hey! Welcome to Forget Algebra, a hub for the important stuff you wish you learned in school. We believe wisdom and discipline introduced in young adulthood become superpowers later in life. Whether you want to apply for a job, revamp your professional portfolio, or understand your personal finances, you’re at the right place. Forget Algebra was created to share our knowledge (and nerdy passion) with anyone who could use it.

We saw among our own family and friends that many people find these topics and complex and overwhelming. You may be a spelling whiz or a math genius, but do you know how to write a truly great cover letter? What about saving for retirement? None of this stuff is that complicated, but without a class or someone to teach it to you, it’s easy to feel lost. Our goal is provide the tools you need to be confident about your career and where your money is going.

None of the concepts here are revolutionary. There are countless hours of content all over the web dedicated to spreading these very same ideas. The Forget Algebra magic is relaying these ideas in ways that energize the next generation of leaders.


No! Financial advisors are professionals who give specific investment advice to specific clients. Learn more here.

No. We just think it’s crazy that every highschooler knows how to solve for X, but has no clue what a 401(k) is.

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